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Freight transport by rail – reliable and cost-efficient 

One of its main activities – freight forwarding by rail in the Baltic States, Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia and the territories of other countries.


The company provides complete service of transport-forwarding, has direct contracts with JSC “Lithuanian Railways”, cooperates with reliable and large partners successfully pursuing their activity the EU, CIS countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Baltic countries for more than one year. Wide network of partners allows us to offer customers attractive prices of shipping services good service.

Competitive advantage in the field of rail freight is ensured by own logistic centers which are connected to railway branches. Certainly, we also provide customs brokerage and loading services.


When transporting goods by rail, customers incur less cost because:

  • carrying capacity of wagons is up to 3 times higher than of a truck;
  • you can choose the wagon the most suited for your needs, with the capacity between 120 m3 and 250 m3;
  • when transporting extremely difficult and large cargos long distances, railway is the most optimal solution, which will save about 30 percent of costs for cargo transportation.


Railway vehicles:

  • Freight by owned, leased or general wagons of the fleet, universal 120 m3, 138 m3, 150 m3 covered wagons.
  • Cargo (sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations) freight by owned or leased 918 (908) series covered wagons (with padded frame).
  • Freight of light large cargos by 250 m3 CMGV wagons for light cargos.
  • Freight of auto vehicles, special equipment by 250 m3 CMGV wagons or universal fitting platforms.
  • Freight by owned, leased or general railway (marine) containers of 20 or 40 ft.
  • Oversized and heavy cargo transportation by railway.
  • Transportation of cars and minivans in special, covered wagons.


Various types of goods can be transported by rail at the same time. Parameters, weight and level of security of the cargo can vary. With our branches, we can load a variety of cargos and transport them to their destination point, even if:

  • Cargos packaged in parts, manual and mechanical loading in covered wagons or containers.
  • Heavy and oversized cargo loaded by crane onto trucks or on platforms and carriers.
  • Particular type of wagons is used to transport cars and other specialized cargos.
  • Wagons-thermoses and isothermal vans included in the refrigeration sector and etc. are used for shipments in need of temperature mode, depending on the type of cargo.


Provided services:

  • Full cargo transportation – Russia, EU, Baltic countries, CIS, Central Asia.
  • Multimodal transportation – railway branches reaching the areas of the company, customs warehouses, customs mediation services.
  • Transportation of oversized cargos not complying with the technical loading specifications and coordination with the railway.
  • Cargo storage and preparation for further transportation.
  • Handling of cargo documents.
  • Cargo reloading from trucks and shipping containers to wagons (and vice versa).
  • Representation of the clients in Vilnius, Klaipėda, Kaunas and Marijampolė railway stations.
  • Additional cargo insurance.
  • Tracking of wagons and containers.



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