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JSC “AUTOVERSLAS” – the first in work, the first in rest 

For the second time, the team of transportation and logistics company JSC “AUTOVERSLAS” became the champion in “Logistics fiesta 2008” in Lazdijai.



“The team of loaders from JSC “AUTOVERSLAS” performed excellently and strove the best result”, – reported JSC “AUTOVERSLAS” Marketing and Sales Director Inga Balsytė. – “It was a great opportunity to estimate the qualification and willingness of our employees”.


The objective of these logistics fiestas is to join people working in this sector and introduce logistics business to the public. The companies from all Lithuania, which business is related to logistics, participated in this fiesta. They are transport companies, car-dealers, banks, leasing companies, association “Linava” and other companies.



Nowadays, the definition of logistics has assumed a significantly broader meaning. It is not any more a business including only transportation, goods flow and storage. Modern logistics also ranges marketing, accounting, IT business, customer support, demand prognostication, distribution relations, the control of resources, output storage, management and supervision of orders, locality‘s selection for factory or warehouses construction, packing and control of goods, garbage accumulation and its secondary use, transport means exploitation, freightage organisation, and others.



Logistics is a unique creation sphere which is orientated to a strategy. Its common feature is rationality and precise accounting. Therefore, the motto of this fiesta is the following: “The most important thing in this world is in which direction we move and not where we are.” (O.V. Holmes).



The organizers of “Logistics fiesta 2008” arranged a parade of new cars and an exhibition of equipment. The work of customs and boarder police was introduced there. The visitors and participants had an opportunity to compare logistics equipment of today and the old one.



Beekeepers, farmers, horsekeepers, and the community of Lazdijai introduced their new harvest. Pupils and craftsmen were showing their contrivance. Homeworkers were selling their handmade articles. Fiesta‘s characters conveyed the spirit of autumn‘s logistics event.



The competition of wheel loaders impassioned the visitors the most. It included four contests during which the drivers demonstrated all potentialities of their transport means. „These mobile vehicles were carrying vegetables and bags with potatoes, moreover, they showed their mobility in a slalom trace. The prizes were worth it. The winner got a coupon of 3000 Lt of „Topo Centras“ shop“, – said the representitive of a team-winner Inga Balsytė.



Fiesta’s spectators and guests could try their strength in different competitions, too. The winners got nice presents from the sponsors.



Fiesta’s organizers and participants concluded that such “Logistics fiesta”, which is becoming a tradition, should be organized each year in the future. It is a good chance to unite the companies which are developing this business. Their common goal would be the organization of an international fiesta, in order to represent Lithuania.

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