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JSC Autoverslo transportas – case of the successfully growing business 



JSC „Autoverslo transportas“ activity began in 1995, when JSC „Autoverslas“ was established.

For almost 20 years of successful operating JSC Autoverslo transportas is one of the first and the biggest Lithuanian company, which is doing the vehicle logistics. Company’s Director, Sales & Development Alfredas Oras is asked, which business secrets allows not only to hold on in the market, but also successfully expand company’s activity.

According to Alfredas Oras, if willing not only to get positive results, but also to enlarge them, very important is to react into the market’s run on time. “Rephrasing these words would mean, that specialists working in the company must permanently analyse economic situation and after the data evaluation, must pan company’s activity accordingly” – tells company’s manager.

If company’s specialists see, that rapidly started growing new vehicles production, than main aim comes – to work directly with the OEMs. But, if no economic grow is felt, company is more concentrated for work with the importers, biggest European Ports / compounds and used vehicles sales sites.

“Moreover, after the economic depression and learned lessons, we seek to work only with the reliable and proved companions. In other words, with the solvent companies – dealers, OEMs, importers, compounds and ports” – shared experiences Alfredas Oras.

Meanwhile company’s activity’s geographic scope remains the same for the many years. JSC Autoverslo transportas own fleet provide services in the whole European Union – transportation services are done from Finland in the Northern Europe, up to the most distant point to the Western side – Portugal. Separate part of the fleet is dedicated for the transportations to Commonwealth of Independent States – most common it is Russian Federation and its Far East territory.


Many well-known brands

Company’s manager is pleased, that today JSC Autoverslo transportas works together with such well-known companies, as Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot, Opel, Chevrolet, LADA and others.

Lots of collaboration is done together with the Volkswagen Company. Working with the biggest European vehicles producer, JSC Autoverslo transportas with the German giant has not only short term contracts, but as well yearly obligations.

“While collaborating with the “Volkswagen” Company, we carry out a lot of activity. As an example I can provide recently gained double volume, as it is obliged to transport per month according to the yearly contract, from Mosel to Birrfeld in Switzerland. That only proves, that producer trust in us and asks for support, when unusual production volumes appears” – tells Alfredas Oras.

While in Lithuania, in Vehicle Logistics Centre (ALC) located in Vievis, are serviced “Iveco”, “Toyota”, “Škoda”, “Lexus”, „BMW“, „Peugeot“, „Opel“, „Mitsubishi“, „Mazda“, „Jaguar“, „Hyundai“, „Ford“ and other brands importers and dealers.





Important not to halt, but to improve

JSC Autoverslo transportas is true member of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association „LINAVA“, as well member of the international ECG („The Association of European Vehicle Logistics“). Company not only actively participates in all ECG Regional meetings, conferences, where market overview is usually done, discussions are held, but also in the other conferences and edifications.

Another secret of the successful business – activity’s adaptation to the market’s realia, as well aiming to provide quality, customers’ needs satisfying services. According to Alfredas Oras, while seeking for these goals – company’s employees regularly improves their knowledge, acquaints with the latest novelty, which are implemented into the activity’s process, while processes are adjusted together with the ISO standards. Besides, constant activity’s overview is done, customers’ feedbacks are evaluated and after the done analysis according to the gained results activity’s disadvantages are eliminated.

Drivers which are working in the company are regularly tested and get qualification assessments, go via competence course, are couched by quality engineers, who not only teach drivers, but also do their evaluation.

Presently company is registered in all main OEM’s systems, and periodic evaluation of the activity is regularly done – that allows also determining on time and eliminating activity’s disadvantages. And one of the biggest company’s merit – activity’s diversification, that means, that company not only do vehicles transportations with the own car-transporters, but also provides truck repair services, sells tyres, has its own Vehicle Logistics Centre, offers customs brokerage and other services.

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